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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

City Informs Residents Painting Addresses on Curbs is Code Violation and not Endorsed by Public Safety Departments

The City of Lee’s Summit has recently received numerous inquiries regarding notices left at residences throughout the community which imply that home addresses painted on curbs is what Public Safety officials look for to locate residences. This is a false statement.

The City of Lee’s Summit does not endorse this activity or the notices being sent to Lee’s Summit homes. Painting address numbers on curbs located within the City’s right-of-way is prohibited under the City’s Unified Development Ordinance.

Furthermore, residents should be aware that painting addresses on curbs does not satisfy the City’s adopted Fire, Building, and Property Maintenance Code requirements because painted numbers on curbs are often obstructed by parked vehicles,  snow and ice, and often times soil/plant debris.
The adopted Fire, Building and Property Maintenance Codes require structures to have address numbers displayed in a position easily observed and legible from the public street.  Address numbers shall contrast with the background and be Arabic numerals at least 4 inches in height with a minimum ½ inch stroke.

In addition, as a result of Safe Community Task Force efforts to improve public safety and prevent crime, an ordinance recently adopted requires dwelling units constructed on or after August 1, 2008 to have address numbers placed in a position capable of being illuminated during the hours of darkness with a power source connected to the electrical systems of dwelling units.  Dwelling units constructed prior to August 1, 2008 are not required to comply with these illumination requirements but are strongly encouraged to consider conformance to this provision as it relates to the positioning of address numbers on the structure.

One of the most effective ways to ensure that Public Safety Departments can locate a structure quickly is to ensure that address numbers may be easily found while driving down the public street.  The best way to determine if compliance is achieved is to drive by the structure in daylight and darkness and look for address numbers.  If address numbers are not easily found or legible from the public street, one might consider either replacing or changing the location of the address numbers on the structure.

For more information, contact the City’s Director of Codes Administration Mark Dunning at (816) 969-1202. 


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