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Raising Awareness About What it Means to Be A Community for All Ages

 A community for all ages is one designed to be more welcoming to residents of all ages.  It is a community that is more vibrant, healthy and prosperous.  The First Suburbs Coalition (FSC) and the KC Communities for All Ages Initiative (KCC) developed the Communities for All Ages Recognition Program, to recognize communities that have taken steps to become a Community for All Ages. 

What's Happening Now?

We Want Your Input! 

To help the City of Lee's Summit become an age-friendly community we need help from the people who call Lee’s Summit home! We invite you to take a few moments to complete this survey on the livability of our City, and provide your perspective on elements that make a city "age-friendly". What does “age-friendly” mean? Simply put, it means any policy or action that accommodates the needs and interests of all ages.

The survey will take about 15-20 minutes to complete.  There are nine categorized pages, and the number of questions varies on each page. This survey is anonymous and ends on August 18. 

Start the Survey NOW! 

This is part of our efforts to become a #CommunityForAllAges #PreparingfortheFuture




·       Three levels of recognition and requirements

  • Bronze—Raising Awareness
  • Governing body had adopted a resolution indicating its intent to become a Community for All Ages
  • Lee’s Summit’s City Council adopted Resolution 16-16 on July 7, 2016.
  • One or more presentations made to governing body and relevant commissions (planning commission, strategic planning committee, aging task force, etc.) on becoming age friendly and the Communities for All Ages program.
  • June 23, 2016 – Introduction to the Communities for All Ages Program presented to City Council.
  • June 27, 2017 – Presentation to Management Team and Planning Commission, which is also serving as a community wide meeting.
  • Silver—Assessment
  • Meet the Bronze Awareness Level
  • Form a Community for All Ages committee of elected officials, staff, and community members (tasks maybe distributed to an existing committee).  Members will use the Community for All Ages Checklist to conduct a self-assessment of our community and issue a report based on the findings.
  • Gold—Adopt and Implement Plans
  • Meet the Bronze Awareness and Silver Assessment level criteria
  • Adopt Communities for All Ages Plan or include a Community for All Ages component in major local plan, such as a comprehensive plan, strategic plan or park plan.
  • After completing each level it is the duty of the community to maintain the recognition level that it has achieved.
  • The community must continue working on making it a Community for All Ages, by moving to the next level and demonstrating a practical investment in infrastructure, services or programming identified in the Community for All Ages plan.
  • If the community fails to meet the maintenance standards it will forgo its recognition and any benefits that would have been gained.

We welcome all demographics and ages to join us on this journey in making our community a Community for All Ages!